Sea Dog Breeze 

 Breeze at Nationals as a pup

Sea Dog Breeze at the Mason Dixon Trial.  Best Puppy 4-6 month

 Breeze Earns Barn Hunt Title

Sea Dog Breeze Museum Benefit Fall 2019: Saturday:  Best Bitch Pup 9-12 month, Sunday: Reserve  Conformation Champion, GTG Reserve Champion

Breeze earns Barn Hunt Title  plus High Score (fastest time of the day of all dogs in her class)

Breeze always on the lookout

 Breeze earns American Working Terrier Qualifier on her first try

 Breeze working in the field

 Breeze earns her 3rd title in Barn Hunt and fastest time of the day High Score ribbons

Sea Dog Breeze getting ready for Barn Hunt.  Look at that drive, she is ready to go!

Sea Dog Breeze 
 1st place conformation, 1st place Super Earth, 2nd place Fox Suitability, 2nd place Barn Hunt at the 2020 Autumn Fest Trial in North Carolina 

Fleet Street Cooper
2019 National Neutered Champion

Fleet Street Cooper first place Barn Hunt . Fastest time of the day

Fleet Street Cooper two 1st place Barn Hunt Titles and gets High Score (fastest time of the day). Two qualifying scores same day!

Fleet Street Cooper sun bathing

 Fleet Street Cooper: 2019 National Neutered Champion, 

Breeze earns her RATN Title, plus High Score of the day  

 Breeze as a pup training in GTG 

Fleet Street Cooper earns his American Working Terrier Ribbon.  He loves earthwork!

Fleet Street Cooper Barn Hunt Champion at the 2020 Autumn Fest in North Carolina

Sea Dog Breeze 2020 National Trial. Breeze brings home 7 National  JRTCA ribbons.

Fleet Street Cooper

Breeze having fun in the field

Fleet Street Cooper in blue wins racing reserve champion 2020 Museum Trial

Sea Dog Breeze

Double Down Teva

Double Down Lightning

Double Down Lightning

First Double Down Litter 

Double Down Teva on the lookout

Cooper working in the field

Cooper working in the field

Breeze working underground. Breeze received her NHC to groundhog 2021

Double Down Puppies

Double Down Micah 

Double Down Micah

Double Down Micah earns his AWTA certificate of gameness

Huckle Hill Tori Duned

Double Down Teva Earns her American Working Terrier for Gameness

Double Down Micah

Double Down Micah earns his American Working Terrier Certificate of Gamesness