Double Down Working Jack Russell Terriers

We breed for temperament, health and preservation of the working terrier

About Us

Hello, my name is Penny Richards. My love for dogs started at a very early age in my life when my family bought our English Springer Spaniel for working in the fields.  I grew up with dogs my entire life and being the daughter of a farm dad that's no surprise. My father taught me the deep unconditional love that not only dogs have but the unconditional love that all animals have. 

Growing up with farmers in my family I went off to college to study animal science and then onto graduate studies in toxicology/pharmacology.  Today I focus on breeding the Jack Russell Terrier. Our focus is to breed to the Jack Russell Terrier standard, to keep the hunting/work drive alive and maintain the overall genetic well being of this great working terrier.

My husband (James) and I have owned Jack Russell Terriers now for over 25 years.  We 
just love their drive, character, athleticism, versatility and companionship.  Once we started to show our Jack Russell's through the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) we became hooked even more.  Our breeding program is focused on temperament, correct structure, balance, along with working ability. We breed infrequently, and all our terriers live in our home. We are members of the JRTCA and the the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada (JRTCC). If you have not owned a Jack Russell Terrier before I would suggest you check the JRTCA website to see if this breed is the right one for you.  Jack Russell Terriers are not the breed for everyone.  If you have the time and commitment to invest in this great little terrier you will have a forever friend.

We participate in "The Jack Russell Research Foundation

We are a certified breeder through Good Dog. You can visit their site for more information about "Good Dog" and us.

Member of the Jack Russel Club of America

We are a member of the American Working Terrier Association


Our Breeding Program

We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously. Our goal is to preserve the natural hunting instincts of the Jack Russell and we strive to breed a correctly structured terrier based on the JRTCA breed standard as well as great temperament. That is our number one priority.   Any Jack Russell Terrier entering our breeding program will be selected for their temperament, health, and natural working ability.  Our breeding terriers are tested for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA),Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and we CERF test annually. In addition, all puppies will be BAER tested for normal hearing.  Our puppies are raised and socialized in our home and are held until 8-10 weeks of age. New owners must have a fenced in yard upon purchase of their puppy. We do not ship our puppies, you must come and pick up your puppy.

Our Boys

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Double Down Micah
aka Mikey

Sea Dog Breeze X Sea Dog Captain Morgan 

Sire: Sea Dog Captain Morgan 
Dam: Sea Dog Breeze
Coat: Rough
DOB: 11/04/2022
PLL/SCA clear DM: Carrier   
Height under 12.5" 

Micah is one of our own breedings. He has a wonderful temperament, great hunt drive, bone and coat. He has earned multiple puppy championships including conformation, GTG, Super Earth, Trailing and Locating and Brush Hunts.  He achieved his American Working Terrier of Gameness before 1 year of age.   He continues to amaze us with multiple titles in sporting and hunting events. He is a cherished member of our family 

Our Boy Fleet Street Cooper aka Coopie

Our boy has great drive and a big personality. He has many accomplishments in the JRTCA trials, winning in conformation, GTG, SE, trailing and locating, racing and lure. He has earned his JRTCA certificate in GTG and SE. He absolutely loves to work. He is the 2019 National Winner in the Neutered Class and placed 5th in Nationals in trailing and locating. He also took best bred New Jersey Terrier at the 2019 Northgate Trial. He has three Barn Hunt titles and is now at the masters level. He has achieved many fastest times of the day and High Score Achievements. Cooper took 2nd place at the 2021 JRTCA Nationals. 

Our Girl Girls

Sea Dog Breeze is just an amazing all-around great terrier. Beautiful temperament and work drive. She earned her Natural Hunting Certificate (NHC) in groundhog in 2021 and her American Working Terrier Association (AWTA) for Gameness. She has multiple GTG and SE championships as well as multiple conformation wins. She also earned multiple Barn Hunt Titles. 

Huckle Hill Tori Dunes is a wonderful terrier. She has a great temperament and drive. At the age of 1 year old she has earned multiple titles in barn hunts and achieved her American Working Terrier for Gameness. She continues to amaze us placing in the top of all sporting events. She is truly a wonderful companion and a cherished member of our family.    

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Sea Dog Breeze

Sire: Dig it Rocco
Dam: Sea Dog Harmony 
DOB: 12/26/2018
PLL/SCA clear
DM: Carrier
CERF 8/22/2023 normal 
Height 12.75" 

Huckle Hill Tori Dunes

Sire: Huckle Hill Strummer
Dam: Fox Run Bella
DOB: 3/4/23
PLL/SCA/DM clear
Height: 12.75

2024 Breeding

We are excited about  this cross. Puppies should have beautiful coats, wonderful temperaments with hunt drive.  

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Huckle Hill Tori Dunes

PLL, SCA, DM Clear
Height 12.75
DOB: 3/12/23

Double Down Micah

PLL, SCA clear, DM carrier
Height: 12.5
DOB: 11/4/21  
CERF normal 2023

Our puppies and their new famlies

Available Puppies

We will be breeding in 2024. Puppies ready for their new homes late October 2024


What we feed our Dogs

We feed our dogs a high-quality human grade food called Open Farm. We also supplement with raw rabbit and venison.